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Black Dragon TKD  Student’s Promote to Black Belt


December 9, 2017

Congratulations to Nick Abraham (L) & Noah Morgan (R) who promoted to the rank of Black Belt 1st Degree.  Both Noah & Nick started Tae Kwon Do when they were five years old. They are now thirteen.  Many years of dedication lead to this great achievement.

Michigan State Director for the United States International Tae Kwon Do Federation Master Terry Batch VIII Degree USITF/ITF administered the testing/promotion.

The promotion testing includes the execution of nine patterns & three practice patterns which combine various offensive/defensive techniques in specific sequences. Combination kicks, punches and blocks to demonstrate coordination and fluidity of motion. Foot /Hand Techniques, Sparring & Self-Defense to demonstrate the practical application and control of various techniques. Board Breaking to demonstrate the ability to use techniques with both power & control.