Black Dragon TaeKwon-Do

Mark Murray III Degree, USITF / ITF


              Founder / Head Instructor Black Dragon TaeKwon-Do   


     Rank: Black Belt (3rd Degree) in ITF TaeKwon-Do  

     Training in Martial Arts for 20 years since 1998

     TaeKwon-Do Instructor for 16 years

        Instruction In:


                 (Patterns, Sparring, Board Breaking, Self Defense)


            Women's Self Defense

            Reactive Open Hand, Reactive Knife, Reactive Gun

            Pressure Points

            Wrist/Arm Locks

            Weapon's Kata's:  Short Stick, Jo Staff, Bo Staff

            Inayan Style Eskrima - Level 3 Student

            Competition Training

 Member of the US-International TaeKwon-Do Federation (ITF)

 Do-Jang registered US-International TKD Federation (ITF)

 Member of the Midwest Association of Professional Martial Artist (MAPMA)


 Current Classes:  Little Dragon’s, Dragon's, Youth,  Adult.