Black Dragon TaeKwon-Do


             Midwest Association of Professional Martial Artists       


                             Master Keven Schoenebeck                         

                                   Rankings & Certifications                             

Martial Arts Training: 43 years

Martial Arts Instructing: 40 Years

Rankings & Certification's

   TaeKwon-Do: 8th Degree

   Danzan Ryu Jujitsu: 5th Degree

   Brazilian Jui Jujitsu:  Blue Belt

   Tai Chi: Yang & Chen Style: Certified Advanced Instructor

   Eskrima: Master Instructor

       - Sinawalis

       - Dequardas

       - Kadena De Mano

       - Serrada

       -Larga Mano

   Pressure Points:  Certified Instructor

   F.A.S.T.Defense : Certified Instructor

   Basic Bully & Anti Abduction for Kids: Certified Instructor

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