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                ** If you have missed class due to other obligations we have 

                    other classes you can attend so you don't fall behind & as well

                    to make up your time.   You can also schedule a private class

                    with me.



           **June Wednesday’s:  5:00p – 5:30p  

                     - June 5th & 19th:    Open Black Belt Pattern Practice

                     - June 12th & 26th:  Open Youth & Adult Pattern Practice   


             ** June Saturday Classes


                      June 15th,  Studio- A:  10:00a – 11:00a   

                                       Pattern & Sparring Review    

                                  Adult & Youth Class   

                                       Studio- B:   10:00a- 11:00a

                                       Sparring Stick Review

                                       Youth Class       


                  June 29th,  Studio- A:  10:00a – 11:00a

                                          Adult & Youth Class

               ** I will be looking for some students who want to be part of a

                   demonstration performance team to represent Black

                   Dragon  at some community activities.