Black Dragon TaeKwon-Do

                   Location & Studio Pictures                   

    Black Dragon is located with-in "The Dance Academy" at 1000 W. Breitung Ave., Kingsford Mi.   Cell: 1-906-282-8700

    Each class is taught every week, all year. Training rooms are large, well lit, clean & comfortable.  There is ample sitting & standing room for the parents, spouses, family & friends. The large wall monitor in the main lobby is excellent for allowing viewers to watch all classes.  

    Plenty of year around parking & easy access to the building makes for easy access in all weather conditions. 




                                    Interior Views                       

                                           Lobby Area                                         


    Comfortable seating & a large wall monitor in the main lobby is excellent for allowing viewers to watch classes in all three studio's, relax comfortably & have a cup of coffee. 

                                            Ready Room                                          


    The Ready Room is used for storage items such as jackets, shoes & TKD gear bags while students are attending class.

   ** No shoes or boots allowed past this area into the studio's **

                                             Studio "A"


   Studio-A, with mirror's, monitors for on-line training, special lighting & sound system.

                                             Studio "B"


   Studio-B, as well has mirror's, special lighting, sound system and is equipped for any techniques that use gymnastic style training.



                                                  Studio "C"

    Studio-C, has mirror's, sound suystem and can be used for either regular training or specialized training.