Black Dragon TaeKwon-Do

Why, Black Dragon TaeKwon-Do

   Black Dragon teaches the art of TaeKwon-Do (Korean Karate).  Tournaments & Seminars are offered through Black Dragon and other Martial Art’s Schools to compliment the student’s growth in the Martial Arts & to have fun doing it.    

   TaeKwon-Do consists of patterns which combine various offensive/ defensive techniques in specific sequences. Combination kicks, punches and blocks to demonstrate coordination and fluidity of motion. Foot and hand techniques, Sparring, Self-Defense to demonstrate the practical application and control of various techniques. Board Breaking to demonstrate the ability to use techniques with both power & control.

   Each class has been developed for the students to enjoy affordable quality TaeKwon-Do in a safe controlled atmosphere with certified black belt instructors where each student can learn about the TaeKwon-Do & have fun doing it. 

                     Five & Six years olds join the "Little Dragon’s Program"

        This program is developed specifically for preschool age children ages 5 & 6.  This program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline.  In addition, the program is designed to improve children's motor skills & enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions.  Our Little Dragons preschool program combines tumbling & karate to help your child develop coordination, balance, confidence, and discipline, focusing on developmentally appropriate skills like focus and memory.

       As well the program offers preschool children the opportunity to begin learning a martial art in safe & fun classes, in a professional environment where parents can watch &/or participate.  In the Little Dragon classes, the preschool child will be exposed to positive social interaction.  They will learn how to work with others, & follow directions from a certified instructor.

       Your families, friends & fellow students will always respect your efforts for each technique you try and there is only praise for your efforts.  At tournaments the same respect is given.  We all support each other & show our respect because that’s what the martial arts are all about…. “Respect & Supporting Each Other”.

    Seven to Twelve years of age join the "Youth Class"

       The main goal of the program is to provide quality TaeKwon-Do training as well as to build self-discipline and self esteem within the students.  It will generate a posituve engergy flow for each student to focus on.

       Pre-Teen’s & Teens, how many times have you wanted to try out for a sport only to find out that you need to wait on the bench for a determined amount of time before you can maybe play or have to come back next year to try out again.  In TaeKwon-Do everyone qualifies to begin at your first class.  There is nobody telling you have to wait, you aren’t exactly what they are looking for or have to come back next year.   You are accepted as you are.  You will train & participate in the same activities every other student in class is working on.  You are treated with the same respect & given the same attention every other student gets.  In TaeKwon-Do there is only positive attitudes & respect shown to all students.


Thirteen to Senior join the Adult Class

       TaeKwon-Do is for everyone. You are never too old to join & learn.  There is no correct body style in order to join.   Neither age nor a disability is a reason not to join.  We have quality instructors that will teach you at a level that is comfortable & safe for you.   Courtesy and Respect for each other are part of our oath. 

       Competitions are held thru-out the year either with other individual Do-Jang’s or with many Do-Jangs meeting at a determined location.   These competitions are not mandatory to attend but they are a lot of fun to participate in or to just watch.   Each individual belt rank would compete in areas such as patterns, board breaking, sparring, weapon’s kata’s and self defense.  You get to show your talents in a positive atmosphere. 

       Each student in every class will feel great during & after each class knowing you have learned & accomplished something new. Your mind & body will work together in ways you really haven’t thought about & that will carry into other activities in your life.  You’ll feel better physically becoming a stronger, more toned & physically responsively quicker.  Your thoughts are clearer & quicker because you will focus better.  You’re stamina, flexibility & balance will improve. 

       To many times people look at the theatrics they see on TV & say, I could never do that.  Well, guess what??  You’re not alone.  TV martial arts are made for TV.  Many hours are spent on each TV technique that in real life you just wouldn’t have time to perfect for use in a real life situation as they show it.  Most practitioners just don’t have the body structure to accomplish such feats.  But, if you do we can definitley teach you.   “Every day martial arts” uses body mechanics & simple techniques that we will teach you to work fluidly with your body style.